How to Improve Your Dog’s Impulse Control?

The act of helping your dog to improve its focus is recognized as training impulse control as well. When it comes to these furry animals, impulse control refers to their capability to resist impulses and urge. Since dogs do not have natural good manners, they are meant to be trained if you want them to have some. Through consistency and training, you can improve the impulse control of your dog similar to any other behavior. 

Doing dog obedience training and teaching your dogs to not chase animals or listen to your commands can make it easier for you to deal with all aspects of your rapport—from taking a daily walk to greeting new people. Listed below are a few simple steps that can make your life easier and more focused with a dog that has improved impulse control.   

Say their name  

A lot of dog owners call out their dogs’ names whether they try to scold or praise them. One way to start training your dog to concentrate well is through associating their names with a good experience.   

You can begin by getting some delicious treats that your dog likes, such as authentically extraordinary food like bits of chicken or steak. Then, put a leash on your dog and let them sit in front of you. Using a happy, friendly, and calm voice tone, say your dog’s name. Once they look at you, give them a treat and verbal praise. Instead of verbal praise, you may also use a click if you utilize a clicker for dog training. Make sure to practice as many times as possible before they get tired and bored. When dogs get tired of doing such activity, feel free to rest for a while.   

Catch their attention  

After that, you need to move on to the next step. And that’s to say the name of your dog in a similar nice tone of voice when they aren’t engaged and focused on you. The moment he looks and turns at you, gives him a click, verbal praise, and a treat.   

Then, you may leash your dog but step on it to help him maintain its place. Never say anything while waiting for him to look at you. The moment they do it, give home a treat and happily say his name. Doing this training can make your furry friend look at you more frequently. As soon as your puppy has mastered doing so, you still need to verbally praise them but make them wait a bit longer before they can get the treat.   

Increase the difficulty  

Slowly start moving up to walk with your dogs and practice mentioning your dog’s name, or mentioning the “watch me” command and reward them whenever their response is correct. Then, you can incorporate some distractions like dogs, balls, or children.  As you approach the distraction, try saying their names in a way that they’ve been accustomed to hearing from you. And when he suppresses his impulse successfully, give them the treats that they deserve.  

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